Monday, November 12, 2012

Healers IRL

I want to take a moment and shed some light on a wonderful opportunity for gamers to make the world a better place. Lissanna over at Restokin has revealed herself to be a Healer in real life as well as in-game:

"Today, my research lab at Penn State has started a crowdfunding project, as part of the Scifund Challenge along with many other researchers from a wide variety of science backgrounds. Crowdfunding is something many video gamers should be familiar with, as it has been pretty heavily adopted by the video game industry. With how difficult it is to secure grant funding for science research, I decided that a unique approach to creating interventions should be accompanied by a unique approach to funding, as well.
My science crowdfunding project uses the Rockethub platform, where we ask for donations from you, in exchange for some exciting rewards related to my autism research and video games! At the end of our crowdfunding initiative, the money goes to my University and is earmarked for our lab to use to fund our autism intervention research. Please take some time to visit our Rockethub page to learn more about the specifics of my autism research project. Please also spread the word and tell your friends and family! Thank you for your support!"
In addition to being a great resource for Druid healing and Moonkin shennanigans, Restokin is a great WoW blog in general, and well worth your time as a Citizen of Azeroth.

Please take some time and, if you can, donate to this worthy cause!

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